Opetype oldstyle figures in footnote reference marks

Jul 4, 2014
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For some reason, I can't get oldstyle figures in footnote reference marks (neither in the text nor in the footnotes).
It appears not to be a problem with the font: I am using Adobe Jensen Pro, with oldstyle figures available. Indeed, the text is formated with the same font, and in the text the oldstyle figures show ok. I have modified the footnote reference style. If I apply that style to numbers in the text, the figures in the text would show in oldstyle, but not the ftn refs. If I manually apply oldstyle to text including a ftn ref, the result is the same (OS for the numebrs in text, not for the ftn refs). If I select the ftn ref and hit ctrl+space bar, to clear all formatting, and then appky the style (or the attribute, manually), again: no OS. It is not a probem with the file, because the same happens if i try to do it in a new document.
It seems to be something specifically related to the footnote reference mark itself, for I have not run into this in any other case (yet!).
Can anybody help?
THanks in advance

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