Outlook Loses Login/Password on Exchange After CCleaner Runs


Nov 6, 2017
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I'm running Windows 10 with Office 2016. All updates have been done.

The credentials is getting lost after CCleaner runs. I have verified this but can't figure out exactly what item is getting deleted that affects the credentials. this only happens to emails on Exchange. My other email, pop3, has no issues. Both Exchange emails has this issue.

I've tried to isolate the exact folders/files being deleted using the Analyze feature. Then when I delete the files manually, it does not cause a problem with Outlook (client). If I select the files and tell it to ignore on scan, the issue still happens (so that did nothing). If I let CCleaner do the clean, I have to re-enter email and login on both my Exchange email accounts (a security popup appears). CCleaner is doing something in Clean mode that Analyze Mode is not picking up. Or at least that is the only thing I can figure out.

I don't want to stop using CCleaner. Below is a graphic attachment of what shows up when running Analyze using CCleaner.
The circled items are what shows up. Please note that deleting these items manually does not cause the problem. Letting CCleaner clean them up causes the problem. Also if I select the items and ignore on scan, the problem still exists which has to mean something else is getting cleaned that does not show up in Analyze mode.

Where are the credentials stored?
I've set windows to show hidden files and the folders that these files are in, do not show up.


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