Outlook Backup issues

Mar 15, 2023
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Hi All, First I must confess that I am not super computer smart, so go easy on me. I have an older PC running an older Windows 7 and will soon upgrade to a new computer. As part of that upgrade, I have backed up all my important stuff to an external solid state drive EXCEPT my Outlook Emails which is why I'm posting. I'm using MS Office Professional Plus 2016 and my Outlook.pst file is not a .pst file, it is an .ost file and my email address is the file's name. I've tried using Command, Windows copy/paste, dragging and drop to copy the file, all to no avail. The file is locked. Is there anyone who can give me advice on how to backup this file, preferably converting it to a more recognized .pst file so I can transfer the history to my new PC? Thanks in advance, Dan (a DOS Dummy)

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