Duplicate pst, or is it?

Mar 10, 2023
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New Windows 11 computer; Outlook 2021; all accounts are POP3.

I copied the pst file from my old PC (Outlook 2010) and imported it into the new Outlook. Everything is working well.

The pst I’m using is named Outlook.pst and is about 1,905,000 KB. But there’s another pst in the same folder. The name of that one is the same as one of my email addresses (the whole address including the ISP name). It's only 265 KB. Before deciding to delete it, I opened it and was surprised that it appears to be a duplicate of the file I’m using – same folder structure, same messages, same address book. But if it’s the same data, how can its size be so much smaller? Opening it took a couple seconds, whereas reopening the larger file took over a minute before all the folders and messages showed up.

Should I just ignore it?


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