Outlook 2010 can't find .pst file


Apr 21, 2020
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My Outlook 2010 is unable to open because "The file C:\Users\User\Documents\Outlook Files\(e-mail address removed) cannot be opened". When I look in the Outlook folder, I see "~(e-mail address removed)(1)(3).pst.tmp". There is no file that just ends with ".pst". This problem has been intermittent until just recently. I just installed Office 2019 thinking that it would solve my problem. It worked for one day, now I get the same message. I have been unsuccessful trying to startup Outlook in Safe Mode. Any ideas ?

Here's what's in the Outlook folder(I can't seem to get it spaced right):
RoamCache 11/26/2013 File folder
~(e-mail address removed)(1)(3).pst.tmp 4/19/2020 TMP file 13,312 KB
~last~.sharing.xml.obi 3/3/2018 OBI file 2 KB
(e-mail address removed)(1)(2) 8/6/2019 Outlook Data File 248,513 KB (e-mail address removed)(1)(3).bak 3/25/2020 BAK File 2,485,473 KB
(e-mail address removed)(1)(3) 3/25/2020 Text Document 525 KB
(e-mail address removed)(1)(3) 4/20/2020 Outlook Data File 3,297,177 KB
(e-mail address removed)(1).bak 2/23/2015 BAK File 265 KB
(e-mail address removed)(1) 3/25/2020 Text Document 1 KB
(e-mail address removed)(1) 3/25/2020 Outlook Data File 513 KB
(e-mail address removed)(2) 10/26/2017 Outlook Data File 186,513 KB
Outlook.sharing.xml.obi 3/25/2020 OBI 2 KB
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Aug 22, 2020
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Go to File tab

Next click on Account settings, further it will display Account Settings window

From there, click on Data Files tab which will show Outlook data files you have.

Either you can choose to view settings for each file or you can select Open File Location to open the Outlook data folder

For Hotmail accounts it may show that they are not available. And at last browse through the Outlook data folder that you want see.

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