outlook 2003 can't see exchange folders




vista sp1
outlook 2003

I have a new hp laptop so this is first time setup problems.


1. I setup a new profile, created a new personal pst file, and new exchange
server account

can receive mails - and all my mails are pulled down to a pst file - later
I would
to move these mails back to the exchange server

I do have issues sending mail - see below

2. using outlook web I can see the inbox/sent folders on exchange server -
this is what I want thru booth outlook web and non-web client

doesn't work:

3. sending mails seems to be messed up - when I try to mail (e-mail address removed),
I get a pop "outlook does not recognize one or more names"

I did a test reply and that went from outbox to sent but I never received
the mail on the other end?

4. inside outlook next to personal folders I see "Mailbox - myname" - if I
click on this to expand/open the folder, I get this error:

"The set of folders could not be opened. The server is not available.

5. if exit outlook and set "deliver new email to following location" to
"Mailbox - myname" then I get another error:

"Cannot start outlook". Unable to open the outlook window. The set of
folders could not be opened. The server is not available..."


so, I can pull mails down to my personal pst but I would like to keep most
mails on the exchange server. I have created new profiles many times but I
can't seem to get things to work with "Mailbox - myname" - is there some way
to reset this? How does outlook know about this special folder "Mailbox -
myname" and what special logic here is failing? Maybe there is a test tool I
can run to test email client to exchange connectivity?


Roady [MVP]

Sounds like you are doing this from outside your company's network. In that
case you'll have to ask your mail admin for the Exchange server settings for
Outlook Anywhere and configure Outlook accordingly by clicking on the More
Settings... button when opening the account properties of your Exchange
account (Tools-> E-mail Accounts...).

You should not set your default delivery location to a pst-file since that
would indeed pull all messages from the Exchange server.

BTW: Update your system with Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Service
Pack 3 for Office 2003. Also apply the updates that came out after that.

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