Outlook 365 not saving sent messages.

Jan 14, 2023
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I use 3 different emails in 365 Outlook with W11.
I have trouble with only 1 email, the latest one I added, so it should not be size limited.

  1. The folders I created within inbox would disappear for no reason. I think I got around that - (it was not view and normal pane). However, create new folder would bring all back including content.
  2. In my item 1 "fix" attempts, I have managed to turn off keeping sent emails - only for this one email address. I have tested to and from the other 2 emails and its fine.
  3. This is strange since I did the same thing to each email address.
  4. My temporary fix is to bcc myself and manually store the sent email but I really to get auto keep of sent emails working.
  5. In options "mails" store sent is checked.
Help please
Jan 5, 2023
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The sent item folder in Outlook could be missing due to several reasons, such as the closure of the application during the sending process or storage capacity being exceeded by unwanted messages.

Fix 1: Enable the option to save copies of emails in the sent items folder. Follow the steps to do so.
  • Go to File > Options > Mail
  • scroll down to Save messages, and verify that the checkbox next to "Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder" is selected.
Fix 2: Turn off Cached Exchange Mode.

Usually, enabling Cached Exchange Mode is beneficial because it allows you to work even with limited or no internet connectivity. This mode stores files in an OST format on your hard drive. However, if the OST file becomes oversized, it may get corrupted.

  • Go to File>Click on Account Settings>Account Setting
  • Select the account and click on the Change tab.
  • Under offline settings uncheck the use Cached Mode
  • Finally, restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.

Please inform me whether this solution was helpful or if you require additional methods to resolve this problem.

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