Outlook 365 not saving sent messages.

Jan 14, 2023
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I use 3 different emails in 365 Outlook with W11.
I have trouble with only 1 email, the latest one I added, so it should not be size limited.

  1. The folders I created within inbox would disappear for no reason. I think I got around that - (it was not view and normal pane). However, create new folder would bring all back including content.
  2. In my item 1 "fix" attempts, I have managed to turn off keeping sent emails - only for this one email address. I have tested to and from the other 2 emails and its fine.
  3. This is strange since I did the same thing to each email address.
  4. My temporary fix is to bcc myself and manually store the sent email but I really to get auto keep of sent emails working.
  5. In options "mails" store sent is checked.
Help please


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