New computer, how do i move outlook 365 ENTIRELY?

Jul 5, 2014
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Thank you for considering what is probably a poorly worded subject line!

After what i now calculate as about 15 years, i am getting a new PC.

I have three accounts established in my current constantly updated Outlook 365:
  1. An Exchange account with GoDaddy
  2. Another Exchange account with GoDaddy
  3. An icloud Apple account
Though the Exchange accounts are pretty much no-brainers, the iCloud account is a bit of a PITA to resurrect. And, i sure would like to avoid going through creating the signatures and anything else that i customized in Outlook; i even have some VBA code that i copied in to give the age of anniversaries and birthdays in Calendar.

I found one response to such a question over on the MS forums, but it constantly referred to pst files. In changing the file format to ost i have to think it possible that MS also might have changed other aspects.

Is there a way that i can copy and paste the files from the old computer to the new and avoid all the configuration steps, or should i just be safe and go through the process as if i never had the prior files available?

If there is a method and it is not inadvisable, would you be so kind as to provide guidance? I once was on the crest of evolving technology, but that train left me at the station back in 2000. Since then, thinking i knew what i was doing, i created a huge loss of family photos. I'd rather not make another cataclysmic mistake in presuming i know what i am doing!

Thank you very much for your consideration, tolerance and knowledge.

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