Excel 2010 (64 bit) External Data connection with Access


Bill Carlson

Windows 7 - 64 bit
Office 2010- 64 bit

Prior to updating our Windows and Office to 64 bit versions, we
accessed Access data from Excel using Microsoft Query. When attempting
to access existing connections using Excel 2010 (64 bit), I'm prompted
for a SQL Server Login and unable to access the connection.

I've created a new connection to the same Access database using 'From
Access' rather than through Microsoft Query (creates a connection
[ConnectionName].accdb -- connections created through Query only show
[ConnectionName]. This establishes a new connection and we are able to
access the data in Access. However, when I have the Excel file open
that has the connection, the Access database appears to be placed in a
read only state and no one can modify the data.

Could someone help me understand best practices for Excel/Access data
connections using the 64 bit versions?
Can I establish the connection and not place the Access file in a read
only state?

As always, help is much appreciated,

Bill Carlson

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