What are the benefits of using 32 bit Excel 2010 on 64 bit Windows 7



Hello All,

Can anyone advise what the benefits are of using 32 bit excel on 64
bit Windows 7 OS, as compared to, say, using 32 bit Excel on 32 bit
windows? Can Excel take advantage of having more RAM in the machine?
Will large spreadsheets with large quantities of data calculate
significantly quicker?

The reason I ask is to try to assess whether to move to 64 bit excel
on 64 bit Windows 7. Clearly there have been teething problems with
this release, and many are saying that 64 bit Excel is quite
unstable. So if we had a scale of 1 to 10 and 32 bit Excel / 32 bit
windows was at 1 on that scale and 64bit Excel / 64bit Windows was at
10 on that scale (when it eventually becomes stable) where would 32bit
Excel / 64bit Windows fall in terms of overall improvement.



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