Exporting Pivotchart as Image


Andrew Smith


I am trying to export a pivot chart to an image for inclusion in a
powerpoint report yet am having some issues. The code I am using is:

Sub ExportPivotChart()

Dim frm As form
Dim chartSpaceObj As OWC11.ChartSpace

For Each frm In Forms
If frm.Name Like "gra*" Then
Set chartSpaceObj = frm.ChartSpace
chartSpaceObj.ExportPicture "c:\test.gif", "gif", 1024,
End If
Next frm

End Sub

if I use OWC10 then I get an RTE 430: Automation Error when it comes to the
export picture method. If I use OWC11 I get a RTE 13: Type Mismatch when
setting the chartspace object to the chartspace of my form. Could anyone
suggest what I am doing wrong Please? This appears to do excatly whats
suggested in the MS help etc...




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