'ExportPicture' failed



Hi All.
I need export PivotChart to gif file from MS Access 2002
I'm using this references, in this order:
Visual Basic for Applications
Microsoft Access 10.0 Object Library
OLE Automation
Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Object Library
Lotus Notes Automations Classes
Microsoft Office XP Web Components

Apear all ok, but the error message continue: "Method 'ExportPicture' of
object 'ChChartSpace' failed"

This is my complete code:

Private Sub Command55_Click()

Dim frm As Access.Form
Dim Goal As OWC10.ChartSpace
Set frm = Me.frmPivotChart.Form
Set Goal = frm.ChartSpace
Goal.ExportPicture "C:\PivotChart1.gif", "GIF"

End Sub

The error is last line...Please...Help!!


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