Finding periods followed by one space


Zel Dolinsky

I have a very large Word 2000 document and I want to check if there are any
sentences that end in a period and only have 1 space instead of 2 spaces
after the period and the word of the next sentence. If there is only 1
space I would like to replace it with 2 spaces. Can this be done with "find
and replace"? If not is there any automated way of doing this? Thanks



Lynn A.

Using the Find and replace should do it.

Select Edit, Replace from the menu

in the find what text box type in: ".[space]"

in the replace with text box type in ".[space][space]"

Some might have had two spaces already, so go through it again and
find ".[space][space][space]"
and replace it with ".[space][space]"

You could record this as a macro for future use.


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