Fixed duration task and associated time

Mar 18, 2015
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I am fighting with MS Project 2013 and cant figure out how to do this task:

I am creating a schedule for a project. It is to be used as an estimate for planning purposes.

What I want to do is list a number of Fixed Duration tasks and assign the task a budget in hours (For example the task may span 2 weeks duration but the amount of budgeted work days may only be 4 days the work can be done anytime during the 2 week period).

I am guessing I can choose one of the 'built in' columns to capture the work budget for the task, but which one????

Then I want to assign some people with a percentage of their time/week to each task. (I know how to do this...)

Finally I want to add a column that will display, for each task, if the people I have assigned (with their respective % work) will be less than, equal to, or greater than the budgeted hours for that task. I don't know how to do this...any pointers???

Any help is really appreciated.



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