Receiving unexpected Duration

Jun 27, 2017
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I have assigned a task to 2 staff on a Standard 40hr work calendar, as opposed to our Project's default 14/7 day rotational calendar. The task was set at 30hrs for #1 and 15hrs for #2, but the Start - Finish dates are 26May - 29Jun due to the required wait on negotiation process that takes place for that task. I've marked it as NOT Effort Driven, and Fixed Duration to reflect this. 2 anomalies are occurring, in my mind.
First, the Duration is calculating at 16 days. The number of Rotational work days during that period is 1/2 + 19 + 1/2. The number of 'Standard' work days is 1/2 + 23 + 1/2. The number of work days minus all of the days-off from both calendars combined is 1/2 + 13 + 1/2 - so what's 16 caused by?!
Second, the Resource Names occasionally show as 125% workload each, even though one has twice as many hours as the other, and neither is working more than 2 days in either the 16day, or 1month durations - hardly 125%. What could this be pulling from? Removing and re-adding the resource seems to temporarily fix the situation. The activity has 0% completion, and neither of their private linked calendars accounts for much else in their scheduled day.
First time Project outside of the classroom, and weeks of youtubing and blog reading is not getting me there!!


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