Force Greyscale on certain Pages in Pub 2016

Jun 1, 2017
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I am currently using the latest version of Publisher 2016 via office 365.

Weekly, I do a multipage booklet. Sometimes it includes photos. The cover has color photos, the inside is to be grayscale. The Grayscale part is essential because when I print it, our copier registers $.07 per color copy, and $.008 per grayscale copy. Thus, a 100 copy packet could easily go from $7 to $60 per run if the inside is not actual grayscale.

The recolor "Grayscale" option under "picture tools & Format" in publisher does not seem to do actual grayscale as interpreted by my canon copier. Some photos will print with a blue-ish cast. These register as a color copy.

Of course, I can always print the cover as color, then re-run the booklet through the machine with the whole program in grayscale and add the cover, but that's a real pain. Is there any way to get publisher to make the photos "real" grayscale, so they're recognized that way by the copier?


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