FP opens but doesn't function


Errol Groff

I have been using FP 2000 for many at least three or four year and all
of a sudden it is broken.

The program opens but when I try to open my web it sits and eventually
show and error message of "timed out while trying to load 0 bytes"

Also I have seen a message regarding a dll named ltkrn90n.dll . I
have down loaded the dll from the web but don't know where to copy it
ot my drive.

I have also tried a "repair reload" and a full reload from the program
disc but no improvment.

The web is quite large 6gig 718 folders and 29600 files. I wonder if
I am bumping up against a size limit for the program. The web has
lots of photos and in the past year I have been adding video clips at
a pretty good pace.

Everything else on the computer seems to be operating normally.

I know that my copy of FP is pretty dated but I sure can use some help
getting it back in operation.

Thank you,

Errol Groff
http://neme-s.org/ (the website in question)

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