Front Page 2002..should I start over ?



I have been playing around with FP 2002 for 5 years and thought I had a
fairly decent web site. I only used the program to try to become familiar
with how to build sites..
I do sell from my site and had very minimal sales during this time, however
enough to support my web site.

This site on my computer looks terrific, I would have no problem accepting
the layout including graphics which display what I am selling along with
prices and additional info., however some other computers do not display the
fine details I see on mine, I realize individual comp resolution can change

Now I need to get serious about my site and its performance, I have a domain
name, a web host, (who uses front page extensions) and using (FRONT PAGE
FOR DUMMIES book for reference.

I am inserting graphics, text, shopping cart, etc, nothing that does not
have any bearing on my
I want to control my website as I can run weekly specials that need my
attention..aand do not want to pay to have a designer to this work.
Any suggestions please and thank you


Is anything broken? I would be reluctant to fix anything that isn't
As far as display problems are concerned, we would need to see a faulty
page to suggest improvements.

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