Front Page Extensions Publiser 2003


Eric T

I have developed a web site using Publisher 2003 with a form area that is to
gather RSVP data. I have my site hosted with godaddy with Front Page
Extensions Turned on, but it does not work. Now Godaddy says that the site
must be developed with MS FRONT PAGE, however, MS Publisher States it
supports Front Page Extensions. Any guidence would be appreciated.


First of all confirm that the FPSE are indeed installed. Test as per the
instructions in reference: Publisher web publication forms 101:

Then, did you ever use FTP uploading? If so, then the even if the FPSE are
installed, they may have been corrupted and may need to be reinstalled.

If you are still using IE6 on XP, then review the instructions for HTTP
uploading protocol.
Reference: How to publish a Publisher web in HTTP:

This also may be helpful:
Reference: How to trouble-shoot Publisher web upload issues :

And if you are on Vista with IE7, then
Reference: Prepare, publish, and maintain your Publisher Web site:
It is written for Pub 2007, but if you are using IE7 instead of IE6, then
the directions for using Vista would apply. FTP uploading has changed with
the introduction of IE7. Pay particular attention to the instructions for
FTP uploading in Vista. You can probably modify these to use HTTP and
mapping a network drive.

If you have more questions about Publisher webs, then post in the web group
and we will try to help you there: microsoft.public.publisher.webdesign
Please always include the version of Publisher you are using, the URL of
your site, operating system, version of IE and as much detail as possible.


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