Grouping Names in Mail Merge

Oct 13, 2020
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First time on post:
I have a word doc/mail merge that pulls data from an excel spreadsheet.
Everything is fine until it pulls in the first and last names as well as another field.
I want to group these names under the ID of the department so that all those people under that
ID will be on one page.

Right now, each name is generated to each page along with the ID.

That's too many pages.

I've seen a web site that does it:
But I'm not too cool with the F9 process and the Field braces. If it could be done with VBA or a macro that's fine with me.

All in all there are 3 fields: First Name, Last Name and a field called "schooling" (which comes after the last name")
They all are part of the department ID field on the top by the company address.

Thank you very much.

file attached.


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