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Hey Guys,

This is my first time posting on this forum so I would ask for som
forgiveness if I have posted this thread in the wrong section. To jum
directly into it:

We have a one project with a workspace that has been storing our issue
and risks linked with that project for two years now. A couple of day
ago I was performing some testing and accidentally(I know I know
deleted the workspace. These are the steps I followed. I will try an
be as clear as I possibly can:

I have recently been working on converting all of the current workspac
that we created for the projects fro
http://opal1/sites/projectserver_144/default.aspx t
http://opal1/projectwebaccess/Comptel Solutions Upgrade/default.asp
. Part of this reasoning was to ensure that all workspaces point t
projectwebaccess and not sites or PWA.
For most of the sites with this issues it was fairly straightforwar
since there were no issues or risks or documents associated with th
respective workspaces. Therefore I followed the following procedure i
removing them:
1. Navigated to SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration
Application Management > Delete Site Collection > Change Sit
Collection > Choose the relating site to be deleted and choose delete.
2. Then after this proceeded to Project Web Access > Serve
Settings > Project Workspaces > Selected the respective project
Delete Site
3. With most of the projects whose workspace ha
http://opal1/sites/...... Clicking on “Delete Site” did not remove th
site from the list. However selecting the workspace and the choosin
“Edit Site Address” > “Remove URL for the SharePoint site” did remov
the site from the listing.
4. Then selected the same project and selected “Create Site” whic
created the new workspace

IF that was clear enough. Now as of the current moment the followin
exists a workspace for IT Internal Audit calle
http:\\opal1\projectwebaccess\IT Internal Audit but with no issues o
risks in them. only the tasks are showing up there.

My backup guys have informed me that through Oracle Data Protector w
have a full database backup from Jan 11th which is a little before thi
issue happened.

Would i be able to restore the workspace only for that project o
should I do a full restore of the database.

Or am I pretty much screwed.

I apologize for the lengthy description but i am trying to be as clea
as I can.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you feel that you nee
to point at me and laugh that will also be taken in good strides.





Mike Glen

Hi jonathandsouza26,

Try posting on the server newsgroup as this one is closing down. Please see
FAQ Item: 24. Project Newsgroups. FAQs, companion products and other useful
Project information can be seen at this web
address: .

Mike Glen
Project MVP

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