How do I put terminal numbers onto terminal board object

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I am Often Bewildered

In Visio Professional 2003 I want to use the shape 'terminal board' however I
want to add terminal numbers adjacent to each terminal point. I've done it
somehow before but its not obvious. By selecting the shape then going to
shape menu I get the option to "open terminal board" but it wont do anything.
I have 2002 running on another machine and that function works okay. I can
add text box to each but is seems so long-winded - anyone know a slick
alternative method?



Chris Roth [MVP]

Hi Bewildered,

the Shape Action seems to be broken -- it's not working for me either. But
what it is supposed to do is "open the group window", so that you can place
shapes/text inside.

The normal way to open the group is this:

Choose "Edit > Open Terminal Board" from the main menu.

Hope this helps,

Chris Roth
Visio MVP

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Jun 4, 2021
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Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 here. Having the same problem, it does nothing on right click open terminal board. There is no "edit" menu option anymore in the new version, and going through the rest of the ribbon, context menu, and developer options I still see no way to change the number of blocks. Google only comes up with this and one other hit and they both say the same "Edit" fix and no further discussion. Anyone else?

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