How to "convert" all autonumber fields to plain text?



I'm writing a program that copies document page by page, and then saves each page as a separate file with some processing on the way. I do have problems with keeping autonumerated list number that spread across multiple pages.

Maybe it would be possible to manually open whole file before processing, and replace all number in numbered lists with their text equivalents?

To make myself clearer:
For example I have document that has a numbered header on each page:
1. Header I

Stefan Blom

You can remove number formatting using a line of code as follows. Make sure
that the document you want to "convert" is the active document. Press
Alt+F11 to display the Visual Basic Editor. Press Ctrl+G to activate the
Immediate window. Type


and press Enter. This clears all auto numbers, including any LISTNUM fields,
and replaces them with static text.

Note that if you applied numbering via styles, you also have to remove the
numbering from the styles, or it may resurface (for example when you reapply
a style to text).

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