How to create an ActiveX control in Infopath 2007 using c#

Apr 23, 2012
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Hi, i want to use controls inside infopath that currently do not exist in the product out of the box. This is the first time i've ever had to create controls for an office product and my google searches on this topic have been less that fruitfull.

Could someone please point me to a site that explains how to create these controls in c#?

The controls i am currently trying to create is essentially a glorified people picker. I need to create a 'custom control' that would be used to specify a routing pattern for business users approval. This custom controls would allow for 1 or more people to be specified. In essence, it would be a glorified 'people picker' control (i.e. contact selector). It would need to be in the form section of infopath and contain a textbox, dropdown list, and a button with code behind on these.


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