How to put favicon at the HEADER of the HTML



I am trying to put a favicon on my website so it shows at the link in the
favorites when people use the site.

I need to put this line at the header of the HTML:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico">

The "add html code fragment" option doesnt work.

How can I edit the HTML so that I can get the line in?



Open the index.htm file with notepad and insert the code
Save and then FTP to the server


You can't easily access the header of your Publisher web pages, nor do you
need to. Just produce favicon and upload it to your root directory, or in
other words the same place as you upload your index.htm file and you
index_files folder.

There are various on-line favicon generators but you can also build them
using Irfanview, which is a freebie.


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