import dbx file in outlook




I have an .dbx file and want to import in MS Outlook 2010. I am using WIN
operating systems

Plz help.




collin12 said:
I have an .dbx file and want to import in MS Outlook 2010. I am using
WIN 7 operating systems.

This newsgroup discusses Outlook, a component of Microsoft Office
although also available seperately. Outlook uses .pst and .ost files
for their message store.

Outlook EXPRESS is a wholly separate product and not some lite version
of Outlook. For help on Outlook EXPRESS, ask in the newsgroup that
discusses that other product:

Windows 7 doesn't come with an e-mail until you, the OEM, or a jobber
installs one. Outlook EXPRESS came bundled with Internet Explorer. The
last version of OE available was 6 as it came bundled with IE6. Windows
7 comes with a baseline version of 8 for IE which means there is no
bundled OE on your Win7 host.

Are you trying to run OE on Windows 7 so you can use that old .dbx file?
Windows 7 has several editions: Home, Professional, etc. You didn't
mention which edition that you have. Some editions provide XP Mode (a
virtual machine manager). You download the XP Mode files which then
lets you run Windows XP in a VM on Windows 7. Windows XP comes with IE6
which means OE6 comes bundled with it (that was the last version of IE
that bundled OE, so OE6 is the latest version). You can then use OE
inside of the WinXP VM (XP Mode). Alternatively, and only if you have a
spare (unused) license for Windows XP (which means you don't have any
later versions of Windows that are upgrades that upgraded from XP), you
can use other VMMs (virtual machine managers), like VMware Player,
Virtualbox, or VirtualPC 2007 to install Windows XP in a VM where you
can then OE from there.

Are you trying to migrate an old OE message store (the OE folder with
all the .dbx files) into Outlook 2010? If so, make sure you copy the
the entire *folder* for OE's message store, not just a .dbx file. The
OE message store folder (under WinXP) is:

%userprofile%\\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{sid}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

where sid is a unique identifier string for your account. Copy that
entire folder so you not only have the inbox.dbx and other .dbx files
but also have the folders.dbx file. Then follow Microsoft's
instructions at:



No need to confuse on the issue how to import .dbx in MS Outlook 2007. A IT expert recommend me “DBX Converter” while I was in trouble to import DBX on Outlook. Adeptly I used it and got acceptable result.

Follow DEMO of it, definitely will get your objective & can access .dbx files in .pst form like a dream.


You have two options: either you can import your .dbx file to MS Outlook oryou can convert your .dbx file into PST format.
1. How to import: You need to import your Outlook Express data into WindowsLive Mail. For this, first you need to download Windows Live Mail on your system. After this once you have imported your data to Windows Live Mail, export all your data from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook. This would be helpful.

2. How to convert: If the above technique does not help you, you can try SysInfoTools Email Converter tool to convert your .dbx file into PST and other popular file formats, such as: EML, MSG, RTF and HTML. The software is available with free demo version.
Read more about this software @
Thank you.




Fix and repair Outlook Express Folders and Folders.dbx file are possible with helps of DBX Open File Tool. When you open Store Folder of Outlook Express in Windows Explorer, you will see a set of DBX files. DBX Open File Toolcan extract emails from damaged DBX file and save it as .eml files on HDD.


I've just got a new laptop and run into the same problem that you had moving emails between machines.

First download this file to convert your old outlook dbx files into eml files:

Then install the following toolbar into outlook to import those eml files (this may require you to create an account to download):

This should import all the emails and maintain your folder structure

Hope that helps




They aren't open and have in order to use them because it need to import emails
in Outlook Express, if you don't help, use DBX Viewer Tool for reading and
viewing, restore corrupted files and folders.

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