import filename error



I have an application that imports 38 excel spreadsheets into an access file.
I setup all of the import specifications and they work just fine the first
time they are imported. However the excel files that are imported are changed
every month but they use the same filenames so the import specifications stay
the same each month. My problem is that even though the filename in the
specification is correct and it matches the excel file name, I sometimes get
an error saying that I have a error in my filename. The error message
displays a similar filename with characters added to the end of the filename
and a $ sign at the end of this filename. No matter what I do this filename
error stays until I recreate the entire specification and then it works until
the next time. Out of the 38 files imported 15 - 18 files will have to be
recreated. I have searched everywhere for an answer. I think it is within
access or excel but don't really know. I have installed SP2 but it didn't
help. Does anyone have any suggestions. All of them will be much appreciated.



Jorge Martins


Just a hint.
It might be related to changes on Sheet names or Collumn names/count.

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