Merging from an Excel file with graphics

Jun 16, 2022
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Not sure if this should be in the Word forum or the Excel forums, but here goes:

I've been given a letter doc and an Excel file to merge to it.

The Excel file has a list of name/addresses with a map graphic alongside each row. I've been asked to merge the map into the letter along with the name/address.

I can look at Shapes objects in Excel, but the pictures are not in order - ie the first cell could have image 1.jpg, the next could have image 4.jpg, then the next could have image 3.jpg etc - so I don't think I could tie them to each record.

The only solution I've come up with for this so far is to click on each graphic, get the filename, then paste this into a cell in a new column. In this way I can use INCLUDEPICTURE in Word and merge the graphic files directly.

Obviously this is not practical to do for a large database, so I need a better solution if it's even possible - I don't see how it could be done as the graphics are floating over the cells - I can upset the order just br dragging one away from it's record.

Any advice welcome - even a flat 'this can't be done!' comment would be useful.


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Mar 2, 2012
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You can't merge the images that are in the Excel file but, provided you have the images on disk with filenames that correspond with the names in any given field in your workbook (even if you have to add a new column with those names), you can use an INCLUDEPICTURE field in the Word document to import the images from disk. For more information, see Managing Mailmerge Graphics in the Mailmerge Tips & Tricks page at:

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