Autonumber field in Excel that behaves the same as Access

Jun 16, 2022
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One of my colleagues has asked if it's possible to add a column in Excel which increments a number every time a value is entered in another column.

In other words, he wants the Excel equivalent of an autonumber field in Access.

The number would be unique, and 'permanent' in the sense that if someone inserted a line above, the number on the existing line would need to stay the same, so it was always associated with the same record (line).

To make things more of a challenge, he wants to keep the excel file as xlsx, and share it with others, so I can't dive into a VBA solution, it has to be a formula.

I told him I didn't think it was possible to achieve this with just lookups and formulae, but I thought I'd post in case anyone has any ideas?

Thanks for reading!

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