Embed the same Excel multiple times


Jul 22, 2021
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I have an Excel file with multiple tables and charts in it. These tables are linked with each other. So if I change one of the tables the others will change as well. My plan is now to embed this Excel file into a word document in a way that the different tables are presented in different chapters in the Word document. But I want to maintain the link between the tables. This means: I want my users to open the Word document, go to the embedded Excel to change the numbers. As a consequence all references of this Excel in the Word document shall be updated. With this I only have to provide them one template to work in.

What I have managed to do so far: I copied a part of the Excel and with past special I could embed a Excel Worksheet Object. Result is that a picture of the copied area is pasted into the Word document. I can click on that picture and I can change the entries in the Excel. When I now leave the Excel the picture is updated. Exactly the behavior I am looking for. I can repeat this and paste multiple areas of the Excel file into the Word document. However, these are not connected. So, if I click on one picture to change data in the Excel only the data for this picture is changed and this picture is updated, but not the data for the other pictures.

Is there a way to base all these Excel Worksheet Objects on the same data basis?

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