List all tables, including document structure

Nov 1, 2021
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Dear Forum
given the case I have a document in a typical structure:
1 - chapter
1.1 - sub chapter
1.1.1 - another sub chapter

and so on - with up to 5 levels.
Now, in some of these chapters, there are tables with specific content.
I'd like to extract the tables, including the information about the chapter they belong to and then further process it (e.g. copy to Excel).
I'm struggling with the link between the chapters and the tables.
I manage to run either one of them, but I don't get the combination.
Expected result would be a new table in the format
document title | chap 1 | chap 2 | chap 3 | chap 4 | chap 5 | table column #1 | table column #2 | table column #3 | table column #4

I have a huge collection of RACI tables from an internal Governance framework - but they are in Word.
These tables are spread across up to 15 documents.
This makes searching for a specific line or key-word a mess.
Therefore I'd like to copy all tables to an Excel, but still keep the reference to where they come from...

Any help is appreciated!

Have a nice day!!!

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