Document Merge Formatting Issue

Oct 19, 2021
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I have created a document that is composed of multiple 'parts' of documents that get merged together to create the final document. Within this document, I am utilizing LISTNUM for paragraph numbering. Most of the document looks fine except one section where the paragraph indentation is different than the rest of the document for some reason.

Specifically, the tab/indent stop after the LISTNUM value is different in the final document even though the formatting on the document part is the same as every other part. The paragraph formatting is a simple hanging indent, with the paragraph starting as follows:

((LISTNUM LegalDefault))<tab>Paragraph Start...

This is the same for every paragraph in the document, and most paragraphs end up looking like:

1. Paragraph start....
2. Paragraph start...
3. etc...

But the one paragraph in question looks like the following in the final document:

4. Paragraph start...

Additionally, I have noticed that the formatting in the final document is different for this section as well, whereas the rest of the document retains the hanging indentation formatting, this one section loses the hanging indentation formatting for some reason which does seem to be the cause of the discrepancy as if I add the hanging indentation formatting back to this paragraph on the final document, the tab/indent of the first line outputs as expected like every other section/paragraph.

I can't figure out why the formatting is being changed for this section however, and can't figure out how to fix it. It's worth noting that merged sections after this specific one do retain the hanging indent formatting as well - it's just this one section that does not.

Hoping someone may have an answer to how to resolve this and prevent it from happening.


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