Paragraph numbering in Word

Mar 6, 2022
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I have a long document that has paragraph numbers jumbled up from cutting and pasting sections from another document. When I do the steps to get continuous numbering, my paragraphs tab over to the right and indent. How can this be prevented? It is time consuming to highlight and keep fixing it.

The steps I've been doing to continuous number are:
1.put cursor beside first paragraph to be renumbered.
2.go to para numbering feature in top bar. the type of numbering in the drop down define new number format at bottom of drop down
5.change current number in the box to the correct number to start at ok returns to the document, but now has a popup autocorrect box beside it (a square with a small blue bar and a yellow squiggy lightning rod type thing) the arrow in the box and select continuous numbering
9.the paragraph numbers from that paragraph on are now continuous

At this point, the paragraphs also tab over and I have to select and correct it. How can this be prevented?

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