Embedded Excel into Word with Tables

May 30, 2023
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hello all. What I have made is a large template. Within that template, I embedded an excel file. The excel file has several tables that are linked within the Word document. This is all working great, no issues (well, a formatting issue with repeat headers, but I just made a macro for that).

Anyways, the problem is that this is a template. So someone will take this, drop a copy in a a directory, and give it a new name. When you open the "new" file, all of the tables have a 'source file' of the original file. ie, if the original file is called "TEMPLATE" and the new working file it is called "WF1," it references back to that TEMPLATE imbedded excel file. For me, easy enough.....I just go to Manage Source, and I can update the source file for each reference/item. This is however something I see being an issue when it is used broader. Not only do we have to trust people will do that, but they have to do it for revisions....ie WF1rev1, WF1rev2, etc.

So, my question is....is it possible to have the sources change along with new Word Doc file names automatically?

Hope this makes sense.

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