Import UML


Phil Rogers

I'm using Visio for Enterprise Architects to create UML models and diagrams.

I have some UML models from elsewhere, created in Enterprise Architect (the
Sparx product, which I'll now refer to as EA to avoid confusion).

EA lets me export my models to XMI so that they can be imported into other
XMI-compliant UML packages such as Rose etc.

The place where I'm working now uses Visio, so I'd really like to import my
EA models into Visio to save creating them all over again.

I've seen that there is a Visio plug-in to export to XMI, but does anyone
know of a plug-in to do the opposite? ie to IMPORT XMI to Visio.
I'd have though that Microsoft would have produced something like this to
enable people to switch to Visio.


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