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Craft Lady

Matsd said:
Is there a way to insert comments in a graph? (Excel 2003)

Matsd, you would right click on the cell that you want in insert a comment.
This will bring up a box with several options. One of the options is to
insert a comment. Click on that, it will bring up a box for you to type
into. Press enter and the cell will show red on one of the corners, showing
that the cell contains a comment.
I hope that helps.


Not really im afraid, i would like to put my comments within the staples of
the graph itself and this seems to be a bit tricky...

Thansk anyway

Jon Peltier

You can add a data label to a plotted point. Select the series (first single
click) then the point (second single click), go to Format menu > Selected
Data Point, and on the Data Label tab, choose any of the options. Select the
data label (two single clicks like selecting the point), and type what you
want in the formula bar and press Enter. If you want to link the data label
to a cell, type = in the formula bar, click on the point, and press Enter.

If you're doing a bunch, Rob Bovey's Chart Labeler (free from makes this very easy to do.

If there's no point where you want the label, add a dummy XY series with X
and Y chosen to put the point in a convenient position, hide the point (no
line, no marker), and add a data label as above.

- Jon


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