Is there an advanced "search and replace" for Microsoft Publisherapplication/add in?



I am looking for a advanced "search and replace" application that will work on Microsoft Publisher files. Is there a good, flexible text search and replace application available?

Here is the problem...
My company is switching to virtual workstations. When a workstation is converted it has a limited font set.

In my department we product hundreds of documents in Microsoft Publisher. Many of these documents were created years ago when (earlier versions) Publisher had different fonts packaged with it (for example: monotype sorts).

When we open (with the newer version of Publisher) those documents now, some of the symbols we used are converted. This renders the documents unusable.

The built in "search and replace" will not differentiate the font, it only maps the key layout, so I can't use that feature.

Aside from "walking" through each document and remapping the symbol to another font, is there a application that would work?

Thank you,



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