keep presentation on external display while switching to other app


Mathias KÅ‘rber

I am using Powerponit 12.2.7 (100910) on a Macbook pro running Mountin

is there a way to keep the slideshow displaying on the external (VGA)
display while switching to another app in the presenter's screen?

I dislike how it turns the presentation off just because I make a quick
change in some other app.

I also move other windows (shell etc) to the external screen to show
particular points. I'd like to show them in the foreground on the
external display when the shell is in focus, but the PP slide show
should stay on in the background then also. If I bring my PP back to
focus on my screen, PP should take the whole external screen
(or maybe there should be an option to leave it in the background in
that case too. not sure of all use cases yet)

any help is welcome.


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