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I would appreciate advice on Link Bars and FP themes.

My host supports FP.

I have Link Bars, based on site navigation formatted according to the pages
/ site FP theme.

Every link bar works 100% OK, except on the Index Page, where the link bar
has links to the 6 other main pages.

4 of the links in the Index Page links bar format OK, but 2 of these links
always lose formatting.

Invariably, links to the same 2 pages show faulty formatting.

I have also tried Links Bar with custom links but the same thing happens and
always to the same 2 linked pages. Only occurs with link bars on the Index
Page. No problem on any other page.

Maybe there is something wrong with the names or properties of these two
pages or how they fit into the navigation structure, but I don't know what.

Incidentally, on the Index Page only, selecting "Use Page's Theme" for Link
Bars gives only text links. To get formatted Link Bars it is necessary to
choose the actual theme in use.

I also tried individual link bars grouped close together resembling a Link
Bar and then the formatting was OK, but now I can't recall how I did this.

Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

when you styled the link bar did you choose "Use Page's Theme?"...kinda
looks like you chose a variation.


Hi Rob
Thanks for that. Yes, I experimented with the variations and hey-presto it
came right.

Rob Giordano [MS MVP]


It's easily overlooked in the selection drop-down.

Rob Giordano
Microsoft MVP Expression

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