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Oct 15, 2017
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Hi, I'm looking to use mail merge for the following but am struggling to find an efficient way (I'm new to mail merge):

I have a suite of documents (say doc A to doc Z) that I need to populate a selection of with slightly different information for each project I am managing.

I have a data source spreadsheet pick list with the information on it in columns 1 to 10. The data source spreadsheet will have the unique project reference in the first column, then the project particulars in the next columns (eg name of supervisor, customer etc).

so, a project comes in and I might need to pick document c,s,u,x & z. each will look up the project particulars from my data source spreadsheet, and return the info into pre-determined data fields in the documents. When this is done I then convert to PDF and they become the Project File.

Whats the right way to do this? Is there a way without individually editing the fields in each of the required documents to look at the new data source?

Thanks for reading, hope I have explained well enough, and you can help :)


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