Modeling Theory



Does anyone know where I could go to gain knowledge on Modeling Theory.
I've read Terry Halpin's Book Database Modeling with Microsoft Visio for
Enterprise Architects and felt that is was more of a Visio Instruction
manual. I still feel that I need to learn WHEN and WHY I would use the
certain types of modeling techniques. For instance when would I use subset,
and when would it be appropriate to use a nestes object, etc.





Scot Becker

Hi Ilan,

That book is indeed about the tool. Terry's other book, Information Modeling
and Relational Databases covers ORM in great detail (with little mention of
the tool) including the constraints you mention below. I heartily recommend
it. You'll also want to check out his website

Also, if you'll forgive the plug, I have just launched an ORM blog (url
below) where I intend to cover some of these topics as well. Subset
constraints were on the short list of topics in the near future, so check
the site in a week or so and I should have something up.

Hope that helps,
Scot Becker

Orthogonal Software

ORM Blog:

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