how to access Database Modeling Diagram by OLE Automation

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Vladimir \Ermine\ Petrunin

I have MS Visio 2002 SR-1 Professional edition. There are Visio Database
Modeling Diagram in IDEF1X. I would like to know how to
access to properties of tables,indexes,fields,relations etc by OLE
Automation. I havn`t find this information in "Visio" objects (Microsoft
Visio 2002 Type Library (Service Release 1)), only
shapes-angles-pages-masters visual representation data. Some undocumented
MODELENGLib (Microsoft Visio Database Modeling Engine Type Library) contain
interesting classes and VisioModelingEngine.VisioModelingEngine object
initialize properly. But unfortunately it return OLE Error " library not
registered" when i try to use any property or method.

Q: How I may work with information to synchronise database model changes
with external applications. If required OLE Objects are absent, please show
me any another way to have access to DATABASE MODEL (no shapes) properties.
Any examples are so appreciated.

DDL generating too interested , but question about it is already presents.

With best regards, Vladimir Petrunin. mailto:[email protected]


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