Multiple Axis Labels, Top AND Bottom


Rick N

I am plotting a weightloss series with weekly values. I currently have the
horizontal (subject) axis values labeled with a series of dates from the
spreadsheet. I have set the date axis labels at the bottom. How can I add a
second set of labels at the top for the same axis?. For each axis, I want
date label at the bottom and loss-from-last-week label at the top. The
actual weight is plotted in the line chart.



Jon Peltier

I would add a new series with XY points of Y = Y axis maximum and X = date.
Then I would apply data labels using worksheet calculated cells, with one of
these utilities:

Rob Bovey's Chart Labeler,
John Walkenbach's Chart Tools,

I would then hide the new series, or use a small cross to mimic tickmarks.

- Jon

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