Navigation bar issues - shared border issues (2 problems)



On my church web site, left side of every page is a vertical navigation bar.
This bar is longer or shorter depending on the content of the rest of the
page. However, there is a problem with the image for the bottom of the bar
not always being displayed at the bottom of the bar. On some pages you can
see some of the bar below what's supposed to be the bottom. Which pages
display this way is different for different browsers or different screen
resolutions (not sure, exactly - I just know some people see the extra stuff
under the bottom on pages which look fine to me).

The web site is

Each page also has shared borders along the top and bottom. Some times the
top border is not lined up correctly with the navbar on the side. Also, in
the bottom border I have put a line that says "Updated by Amy Lindesmith" and
it's supposed to have the date of when I last updated it. I did put the
correct code in for displaying that day's date, but when I update the page
what I see online does not have the correct date. I am making sure to publish
the bottom border to the site in the border folder, as well as the page I
have updated, but it is not working. In FrontPage, the correct date shows,
but not on the web site. See the school page for an example - it has
yesterday's date on it because I updated it yesterday, but then I updated it
again today so it should have today's date.

The site has a theme applied, but it doesn't appear that shared borders are
a part of themes. As you can tell, I don't know much about themes or shared

Any help you can give with the navbar or the shared borders would be
appreciated. Please keep it simple, as I am just learning what I am doing.


Trevor Lawrence

I am trying to see is I can offer any advice but your page is unavailable

Re earlier questions, I would get rid of the theme entirely and just use CSS
but that is just me.

I also used to use shared borders, but then got rid of them in favour of
includes, which have the advantage that, because the code being included is
a separate page, one can see exactly what is happening more clearly. Again,
maybe just my preference.

When the site is up again, maybe I can look into it some more


I was not aware of a time when the web site was unavailable last night,
bummer. I'm sure I put the address into the post correctly, but here is a cut
and paste:

There may be a time when I can get rid of the theme and the shared borders,
but I don't know yet if I would be allowed to do so, and I have no idea how
to do it - I haven't looked into it at all yet.
Please do take a look at the site when you have a chance.


I still have not figured out the problem with the bottom of the navigation bar.

However, the problem with the top of the bar not lining up with part across
the top of the page was due to one line of code missing from that page. After
some (rather tedious) comparisons of the various pages, I was able to
determine which code was saying where to put the top shared border. Once I
pasted that line into the page where it was missing, it is now displaying
correctly. Wow, that made my day!!

As for the bottom shared border and the date of updates, I think the only
way this actually works is for me to click someplace in that border (on the I
am updating) and THEN save the page. If my cursor is any place else in that
page, the shared border information is not changed when I publish the changed
Most of the time I am just publishing individual pages, rather than the
entire site. Even if I publish all changed pages, that shared bottom border
is not changed unless I have saved the page with the cursor in that bottom
border section.

I'm wondering if there is an easier way to have that information be
published when I publish the page, or do I just always need to remember to
save while in that border? I put in the automatic date thing so I wouldn't
have to remember to change the date every time I update the page....

So, still 2 questions, but I am making progress.

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