Office Update failed with error 0x80070643


Ursula Hellwig

Following Microsoft Updates fail with error code 0x80070643:
- Scurity update for MS Visio 2003 (KB947650)
- Scurity update for MS Office 2003 (KB947355)
- Scurity update for MS Office 2003 (KB945185)

According to. KB-arcticle 903772 one should try one of these methods::

1st trial:

Set Office Source Engine-Service into status "manual".

I did so. I also deactivated the service before I reset it ti "manual".
I also tried tha update with the service being started.

No success :-(

2nd trial:

Replace OSE.EXE with that from CD.

I did so, but no success.

My OSE-EXE-Version: 1.0.5525 (89.136 Bytes)

- Windows XP SP2 and SP3*
- Office 2003 SP3
*) The update error 80070643 came before SP3 was installed, and after
installation of SP3.

The KB article also recommends to reinstall Office 2003. However,
before I do a new installation of Office I will prefer not to install the
updates :-((

Any ideas?




Chris the guinea pig

I have been dealing with this problem with Vista (for months....) I have
done the suggestions of going to OSE automatic (delayed), another says
manual, also we have reinstalled office before all the other suggestions. I
believe that Vista people don't know how to fix this problem. We have had
tons of problems with the new Vista problem and spend hours upon hours trying
to retreive some composure in my system. The major problem was in August 07
when installing an update --straight from the company. Still can't get the
Office 2003 updates to install. Have tried every month since February. My
time is worth money and the only ones who seem to gain from these microsoft
experiments are the Gates'.

Has no one responded to you?

There is another question similar that goes back to 6/26 and still no
solution to our problem. I have had people from Microsoft messing around
with my registry, etc.



Peter Foldes


You should repost this to the windows update newsgroup instead to the Office group which you did


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