Outlook should let me be able to enter a birthdate without a year

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Jonathan the buble bee

I have a problem with the date entry for Birthday in outlook - its a mission
to type in the year date of the person.

maybe something like boxes woud be more useful _____ / _____ / ______

i dont know

some people i know when their birthdate is but not the year - and i cannot
make outlook ignore the year variable - it would be nice to have the option
to exclude the year.

Another kewl feautre could be to have a compnaies birthday - so i could send
through a wishing to the CEO / Company a congrats and many more

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May 27, 2023
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Same hassle. All my contacts are age 1 or 2, so infants actually, because I have to trick Outlook to be able to mark the birthdays.

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