Outlook XP (MAPI was unable to load Emsmdb.dll)



Hi Guys,

How do I Fix the error below in Microsoft Outlook XP(sp2)
On a Microsoft Windows XP Pro (SP1) Build. And I am not
putting the windows 95 wsock32.dll on windows XP. :O)

Kind regards


XCLN: Err Msg: MAPI Was Unable to Load Emsmdb.dll
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The following error message appears:

The set of folders could not be opened. An unexpected
error has occurred. MAPI was unable to load the
information service Emsmdb.dll. Be sure the service is
correctly installed and configured.
The error message references Emsmdb.dll, but the correct
DLL, Emsmdb32.dll, does reside in the <Winroot>\System
directory. The wrong file is being referenced because the
Wsock32.dll is not the right version; Wsock32.dll
therefore references Emsmdb.dll instead of Emsmdb32.dll.
To resolve this problem:
Replace Wsock32.dll with the Windows 95 version.

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