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I'm a new subscriber, but I've been doing some reading on OWC. The OWC
Spreadsheet (along with the Chart and the PivotTable) looks like
something that could really help with a solution our company is trying
to build. I have a pretty specific question for which I have been
unable to find an answer so far, so I will post it here.

I'm developing in ASP.NET C# using OWC 11. As I understand, since the
OWC Spreadsheet is an ActiveX object, it has to run on the client-side.
Server-side instantiation in the code-behind will not doing anything
(please confirm). However, I also read that I could make use of the
Response object; that is, I could do something like:

Response.Write("<object id=\"OWCSS\" classid=\"clsid:[OWC11 clsid
here]\"><param etc etc></param></object>");

My question is, how would I set the data source of the OWC Spreadsheet
in the code-behind? Consider my following scenario:

- A client would work on something in Excel and save it as
SpreadsheetML, AND, by the way of a macro, say, this SpreadsheetML will
be pushed to a database on SQL Server (as what type I'm not quite
sure...say either string or blob, does it make a big difference?).

- In the ASP.NET application, I would pull the SpreadsheetML from the
database and try to publish this XML data in the OWC spreadsheet
without first saving the SpreadsheetML to another file.

- Initially, all I need to do is get the data to display. Is it
possible for me to do something like:

string xmldata = ds["SpreadsheetML"]; //assuming my SpreadsheetML is
saved as a string
Response.Write("<object ....><param name=\"XMLDATA\" value=\"" +
xmldata + "\"></object>");

and have the spreadsheet load?

Thanks. I might have follow-up questions later on.


Alvin Bruney - MVP ASP.NET

Yes, you are on the right track.

Alvin Bruney

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Can anyone just sum up any known limitations of OWC Spreadsheet control
while using with an export of EXCEL in say htm format. We are to give a
solution to a customer, and their xls file is quite huge (9mb when
fully populated) with all kinds of complex calculations. Will the xls
export to htm or xml seamlessly? I know this is more to do with excel
export, but i'm hoping someone here has faced similar situation and can
help us.

With kind regards
Compusol s/w.

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