Paragraph spacing/format changes



I have a user who is using Outlook 2003 on Exchange 2003
This is a random occurance:
He receives an email from outside formatted in HTML, he is set for rich
text, though that should not matter as when replying it stays in HTML format.
His text appears fine when sent, he gets another reply from the recipient
and goes to print the message from his sent messages and the paragraph is now
broken up, though if the email is expanded to full screen the text appears
fine, this is just affecting my users text and not the senders portion.
Regardless, when printing it is broken up.

This is what I tried to describ above, where the paragraph gets
broken up for no apparent reason
as the spacing of the paragraph will change.

As stated, this does not happen to all emails, so it is hard to nail down as
to what could be causing it, any ideas would be helpfull though.


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