Permission in Outlook

Nov 6, 2018
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Daily I received a message the I do not have permission in Outlook. Cannot stop it but see no problem. A person from this Forum suggested I use Tech Utilities because it is probably a DLL problem. This is to ALERT other members that Tech Utilities has very deceptive practices. The analyzed the computer and found hundreds of problems (???) and then said for $40 they would correct these problems. I bought a License Key and then they said if should pay another $89 put better to buy a $179 service to correct these problems. I continually said NO NO and they continued to harass me. I believe it is an Indian Support companies -- and not I will get harassment calls every few weeks.

BE CAREFUL another that use this firm. Any comments on how to make sure they have not slipped a BACKDOOR on my computer? I use Bitdefender for Security.


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